TreeClicks: A browser extension that plants a tree for each of your purchases

TreeClicks is a browser plugin that plants a tree for each one of your purchases.

TreeClicks works by receiving a fee for bringing you in as a customer to its partnered shops, and with that, the company uses a majority of that revenue to plant trees.

TreeClicks creator Jelle Bekirovic’s background in energy and sustainability led him to try to solve the issue that consumerism poses to the environment. He said that in the midst of mass consumption, especially holiday shopping, shoppers can feel like they are giving back in some way by using the plugin.

“It’s best to consume less or not at all, but the trend is currently that we are only consuming more and in the U.S., e-commerce is already 500 billion dollars, so if a percentage of that can put into tree planting we can make an impact,” he said.

Since Bekirovic started TreeClicks in August, 50 trees have been planted, but he said that he anticipates the spike in online shopping this upcoming holiday season.