Teenager dies after an accident while felling a tree

Claridge, South Africa – 17-year-old Yunus Pillay died in an accident while felling trees on a plantation in South Africa.

According to a report, Pillay was working to pay off debt owed by his mother. A witness stated, when Yunus cut a tree, the tree fell and he slipped and fell backwards. The chainsaw in his hand struck him in the chest.

Yunus was loaded into a van by co-workers and rushed to Northdale Hospital but he was pronounced dead on arrival.

Post-mortem results showed that he bleed to death because the chainsaw hit his collar bone and severed the artery to his heart.

For more information; https://www.news24.com/witness/news/pietermaritzburg/pietermaritzburg-teenager-killed-in-freak-chainsaw-accident-20210116

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