STIHL recalls the MSA 161 T arborist chainsaw

STIHL is recalling arborist chainsaw MSA 161 T. This recall concerns chainsaws with serial numbers from 438089138 up to and including 439360915.

Using this chainsaw, when gripping the machine, the shift lever may be pushed over without the lock button is pressed. After pushing it over, the shift lever may get stuck. This malfunction has the consequence that the chain can continue to run even after releasing the shift lever. As a result there is a safety risk and a risk of injury. 

The chainsaws concerned cannot be repaired. Owners of a STIHL MSA 161 T arborist chainsaw with one of the above serial numbers are asked to no longer use these saws, but to hand them in immediately to the STIHL dealer from whom they bought the saw. This STIHL dealer will refund the purchase price. Please note that the purchase price can only be refunded by the STIHL dealer who sold the saw.

This recall action is a precautionary measure which STIHL is taking as a responsible manufacturer. We are not aware of any damages.