PRODUCT RECALL: Teufelberger Braided Safety Blue / T-VEE with Slaice

UPDATE: Regarding the recent recall notice. Only the Braided Safety Blue / T-VEE with serial number between 19/06-0229 up to 19/06-0237 (only 9 units are affected).
We have identified where the ropes were shipped : 4 units to FR Jones , 3 to Treekit and 2 to Honey Brother , all only in UK.

Brand : Teufelberger
Product name : Braided Safety Blue / T-VEE with Slaice
Color : Black / White / Green
Article reference : 7361038
Date of production : June 2019
Number of pieces concerned by the recall : 9 units
Serial number : 19/06-0229 up to 19/06-0237
Reason : Potential malfunction of the end termination.

The serial number can be found on the rope label (see the picture)

Don’t use this rope anymore, you have to retire it immediately.
Please get in touch with your reseller or Teufelberger Treecare to organize the exchange.