Medina tree-trimming company owner dies after 50-foot fall from tree

Akron, OH – 36 year old Brian Lutheran was injured after falling from 50 feet from a tree. He was working at a private residence removing dead trees. According to reports Lutheran was tied off to a live tree and leaned to work in another nearby dead tree. The live tree uprooted taking Lutheran and nearby power lines down with it. Lutheran was transported to Cleveland Clinic Akron General in critical condition. Lutheran is a Certified Arborist and Owner of Premier Tree Care & Landscape.

UPDATE – August 14, 2016: Brian died Sunday from his injuries sustained in the fall. As he fell to the ground he landed on electrical wires first. The tree he was in then landed on him and crushed his body. Brian suffered crushed lungs, a broken shoulder, pelvis, ribs and vertebrae. He also had his spleen removed and part of his liver.

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