Man has hand amputated by chainsaw, then carries it to the hospital to have it reattached

Antalya, Turkey – 59-year-old Ahmet Esen was injured while cutting trees around his woodshed.

According to reports, Esen was cutting back trees with a chainsaw when he slipped off a rock.

He said, “I fell off the stone with the chainsaw running and my left hand was cut off at the wrist. I put my hand in a bag and went to the road with it in my other hand. A motorist driving by saw me and took me to Finike State Hospital.”

After initial treatment there, Esen was flown to a hospital in Antalya by an ambulance helicopter along with his severed hand.

Miraculously, Dr. Bulent Ozgur Yazici and his team managed to sew Esen’s hand back on in a 10-hour surgery, and they predict he will still be able to continue living a normal life afterward.

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