Logging worker rescued by co-workers after equipment falls through ice

Lake Hattie Township, MN – 45-year-old Roy Davis was rescued by co-workers after the logging equipment he was using fell through ice.

According to the Hubbard County Sheriff’s Office, Davis was operating a John Deere Feller Buncher when the machine broke through the ice on the edge of a swamp. Ice and mud blocked exit and Davis was trapped inside as the cab filled with water.

Emergency personnel were called around 2PM. A co-worker used and excavator to dig around the machine to free Davis.

When deputies arrived, Davis had been freed from the feller buncher and was being tended to by co-workers.

A deputy on a snow­mobile took Davis to an ambulance. From there, he went to a clearing where a helicopter picked him up and took him to Essentia Health in Fargo.

He was treated for possible hypothermia.

For more information; https://www.startribune.com/co-workers-on-a-remote-logging-site-in-northern-minnesota-rescue-man-trapped-in-flooded-truck-cab/600020704/



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