Landscaper electrocuted, 2 injured after cutting power line while trimming trees

San Antonio, TX – 38-year-old Mike Zuniga was electrocuted and two other workers were shocked after they cut through a power line while trimming trees.

Emergency personnel arrived to the scene around 9:50 AM and found that one worker had suffered fatal injuries and two other workers were shocked.

Officer Alisia Pruneda with the San Antonio Police Department stated that “The homeowners had hired a landscaping company to do some work and while those workers were trimming trees, they cut through a live electrical wire.”

Zuniga and a co-worker, 56-year-old Jose Maciel were up in the bucket of a metal towable articulating man-lift trimming trees. Zuniga did not see a power line which was hidden by leaves and touching his stomach when he cut it.

Maciel suffered burns to his hands while another worker, 55-year-old Santos Ortiz, suffered a mild electric shock after he tried to lower the bucket to the ground.

When SAPD arrived at the scene, they could not lower the two men in the bucket until CPS cut the power. The two injured workers were transported to a nearby hospital.

Zuniga was pronounced dead at the scene.

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