Auckland schoolboy seriously injured after rope snaps and wraps itself around his legs

Auckland, New Zealand – 12-year-old Herehana Ah-Chong was injured in a freak accident involving a rope.

Ah-Chong was on a routine walk home when a rope being used to remove a branch by arborists snapped and wrapped itself around his legs.

The West Auckland boy sustained 16cm-long gashes to both legs as a result.

According to the boy’s mother, Rossana Ah-Chong, workers who were removing tree branches came to help Herehana but told him he was OK and to keep walking home.

A good Samaritan who was parked on the road, and saw the incident unfold, and drove Herehana home.


Herehana Ah-Chong sustained serious injuries from a rope while walking home from school.

“I heard a knock and I opened the door. He was hiding his injuries but then he started crying, he was in so much pain,” his mom said.

Ah-Chong said there were no safety cones, signs or a cordon to show that work was being carried out.

Herehana did see a rope on the ground but didn’t think anything of it and continued walking, she said.

Auckland Council’s head of operational management and maintenance Agnes McCormack said the council was only notified of the work when the injury was reported.

She said because the removal of tree branches on the private property was of a significant level, landowner approval from the council was required.

“We attended the site immediately. We instructed the property owners to secure the site and clear debris, [and] they have since done so,” McCormack said.

Ah-Chong said it was unfair that those responsible for her son’s injuries got to walk away without facing repercussions.

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