Altec introduces the Heartland-225 remote controlled tree removal device

Altec has released the second version of its remote-controlled tree removal device called Heartland-225. According to Altec, the truck is designed to allow operators to cut limbs and branches without ever having to leave the ground or touch a piece of the tree. The tree removal device is mounted on a 33,000-GVWR Freightliner chassis, an Effer 225 6S crane, and a 360-degree, continuous-rotation grapple saw. The entire unit is controlled by a wireless, radio-controlled remote by a single operator.

View the promo video below;

General Specs

Maximum Hook Height: 67 ft
Maximum Horizontal Reach: 55 ft
Rotation: Continuous
Maximum Felling Diameter: 14 in
Grapple Opening: 33 in
Length of Saw Bar: 17.7 in