3M is getting into the climbing helmet market with the SecureFit X5000

3M has designed a new helmet targeting commercial trades that work at heights.

The 3M SecureFit X5000 has a climbing helmet inspired design and works with a variety of 3M face shields, earmuffs, and other accessories.

According to 3M, the suspension system uses a 3M patented pressure diffusion technology that increases comfort while also providing a secure fit by reducing the force on the forehead up to 20%, compared to 3M conventional helmet suspension. A smooth, easy turning ratchet suspension system allows for tightening of the headband. There are also fifteen adjustment settings on the 3M SecureFit Helmet, X5000 series that allows for different height and front-to-back adjustments. It sits low on the head to reduce pressure, increase comfort and security.

The helmet costs around $85 and you can pick one up here.