$13.75 million awarded to family of infant child killed by tree limb

A couple whose infant daughter was killed in 2010 by a falling tree limb in Central Park has won a $13.75 million settlement that ends a decade-long legal battle with the city and two non-profits that run the park and zoo.

According to the New York Post, Michael Ricciutti and wife Karla del Gallo had stopped to snap a picture with little Gianna Ricciutti in front of the Central Park Zoo, when an 18-inch-diameter branch suddenly snapped off a honey locust tree 25 feet above them, smashing into del Gallo and the 6-month-old baby cradled in her arms.

Little Gianna was pronounced dead at the hospital. The critically-injured mom was in a medically-induced coma for weeks.

The couple filed a $50 million claim in 2011 against the city; the Central Park Conservancy, the Wildlife Conservation Society, which operates the zoo; and a Tenafly, NJ tree company, which the society had hired to do tree work.

The case was settled in November, with insurance companies for the Wildlife Conservation Society on the hook for $10 million of the settlement; the tree company paying $3 million, and the city and the conservancy shelling out the remaining $750,000.