What’s going on with the Rope Runner 2?

A little over a year ago rumors started to spread about a new version of the Rope Runner. The first version was revolutionary. A new version of the same device that had all the kinks worked out was something worth waiting for. The rumors became true when the first photos of the prototype surfaced on the internet. Arborists from all over the globe couldn’t wait to see the mechanical climbing device. Their dream came true at the 2016 TCI Expo. The prototype of the Rope Runner 2 was on display and it would be only a matter of time before the new product hit the shelves. Or so we thought.

It’s been a year since the last TCI Expo and the rumors about the Rope Runner 2 have stopped. The conversation and development of the mechanical climbing device went from hot item to just a pipe dream. No news in this situation is not good news.

Rock Exotica, who created the Rope Runner 2 Prototypes and would create the final version, has stalled the project. After the design and distribution of the Prototypes there has been no updates with the project. There is no set release date or even a time frame on when the project will resume. To be frank, if your waiting for a new mechanical rope device don’t wait around for the Rope Runner 2.