Volunteer seriously injured when a tree limb falls

Pendleton, IN – An unidentified man was taken to an Indianapolis hospital with serious injuries when a tree limb fell on him Thursday afternoon.

Pendleton Assistant Fire Chief Donnie Meyer stated the man was working with a volunteer group around 12:30 PM to help remove a limb caught in another tree when the accident happened.

Meyer said the man was looking away from the limb when it fell and did not see it before it struck him.

The tree was damaged during the EF-2 tornado that struck Pendleton on Memorial Day and the volunteers were helping the homeowner remove the limb, Meyer said.

A helicopter was requested to transport the man to IU Health Methodist Hospital in Indianapolis, but weather conditions prevented the flight. Meyer said the man was taken by ambulance to the hospital with serious injuries.

For more information; https://www.heraldbulletin.com/news/volunteer-seriously-injured-when-tree-limb-falls/article_7d91f3f8-fc2b-11e9-929d-1fa2a65a6c92.html

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