Urgent Voluntary Recall of the Arbpro Climbtech γ (GAMMA) chainsaw pants

Recall Notice from Arbpro;

Product details: protection trousers for users of hand-held chainsaws mod.
Climbtech γ (GAMMA)
Product name: Climbtech γ (GAMMA)
Part Number: AP-CTY
Production batch involved in the recall action: 01/2017. Please note that this
recall action is ONLY related to production batch 01/2017 and is NOT related to
other batches. Production batch is clearly indicated in the product tag inside
each pair of trousers.

Dear customer,
Thank you for choosing our brand by purchasing a pair of protective trousers for
users of hand-held chainsaws mod. Climbtech γ (GAMMA). We confirm our
constant effort in supplying products of high quality and reliability. As a proof of
our constant effort we have decided to undertake a PREVENTIVE recall action
for the product in the subject of this letter.

During a periodic random test of our stock we have noticed, on some trousers,
a fault in the assembly of the protective material. The defect found is due a
mistake in production during the assembly process. The possible incorrect
assembly of the protective material can reduce the protective efficiency of
trousers reducing protection effects below the minimum standard requirements.
As of today NO ACCIDENT has been reported.

Arbpro® intend to guarantee that all our products offer the maximum level of
quality and safety. This action is a voluntary product recall and the notified body
has been immediately informed about it. The purpose of this precautionary and
preventive recall is to verify that trousers in the subject respond to the safety
requirements of the relevant EN standard. For this reason it is essential that all
trousers are shipped to us to be verified by our team. After checking, if the
product does not comply with the safety standard, Arbpro srl will retire it from
the market and the customer will receive a brand new pair free of any charge.

If the product meets safety requirements and is approved by our team it will be
returned to his owner.
We kindly ask to undertake the following steps in order to ensure that the
product is managed correctly:

  1. Put the product in quarantine: do not use it until it is examined and approved
    by Arbpro srl
  2. Contact your Arbpro® dealer were you purchased the product. Dealer has
    been fully instructed on how to manage the shipment to our facility for
    inspection. All shipping costs will be at our charge. We kindly ask you to
    wash and dry trousers before shipping in order to facilitate the inspection.

We are aware that this recall action will cause inconveniences but we trust that
our customers fully understand that safety is our priority. We apologize for the
inconvenience caused and we assure that we are working with the maximum
diligence to solve this problem as quick as possible. For any question or
information please send us an email to info@arbpro.it