Tree worker rescued after being trapped in the platform of a bucket truck

Cheshire, CT – An unidentified tree worker was injured after becoming trapped 30 feet off the ground in the platform of a bucket truck.

Reports say that the man was pruning trees in a condominium complex. The incident happened shortly after 9:30 AM. Officials believe the tree crew was using an upper branch as an anchor as they used ropes to remove lower branches. During that process, the upper branch apparently fell and trapped the worker in the platform of a bucket truck.

Firefighters used a chainsaw to cut part of the branch off of the tree worker. They also used ropes and rigging material to stabilize the branch so that it wouldn’t topple down when the man was pulled from underneath it.

The worker was lowered to the ground in the bucket. Emergency responders loaded him onto a stretcher and he was taken to Saint Mary’s Hospital with serious injuries.

Fire Chief Jack Casner stated the worker was alert and conscious and was expected to survive. He was struck in the face and was bleeding, but was able to walk when he got out of the bucket. He also had cuts from a chainsaw that was pinned under his legs.

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