Tree worker dies after being crushed by a large limb

Laguna Hills, CA – An unidentified man, who worked for a private tree company, died after being struck by a large limb 40 feet up a tree.

Reports say that a neighbor noticed that the man wasn’t moving and tried to get his attention. She then called the homeowners who also tried to call out to him.

When he did not answer, the homeowner called 911 and said the man appeared to be unconscious, according to authorities.

Responding paramedics found one man trapped by heavy limbs in a eucalyptus tree and hanging unconscious from a harness. Orange County Fire Authority Captain Tony Bommarito stated the tree trimmer appeared to have been seriously hurt when at least one large branch fell on his head or neck.

He was later pronounced dead and a crane was requested to remove the heavy limb that trapped him. The man’s identity was not immediately released. He did not appear to be a city employee, and may have been working for either himself or a private company, Bommarito said.

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