Tree trimmer electrocuted after a branch he cut hit high tension wire

San Jose, CA – 33-year-old Pablo Gonzalez-Rincon was electrocuted while working in San Jose. The San Jose Fire Department was called at 1:38 p.m. for reports of the accident, which appears to have involved a landscaper working for a private company. When authorities arrived they found the man in the backyard of a private residence dangling from a tree in his climbing harness. According to Fire Captian Daniel Vega, Gonzalez-Rincon was continuously electrocuted for an extended period of time when a branch he had cut came into contact with a high tension wire. Both the tree and the victim’s body were emitting smoke. The fire department is still working to figure out the exact cause of the fatality, but Vega said that today’s wind and rain conditions may have sparked enough energy to electrocute him.

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