Tree service worker killed after falling into wood chipper

Schenectady, NY – 23 year old Justus Booze was killed after he was pulled into a wood chipper. Contractors from Countryside Tree Service were removing large trees in the front yard when the accident occurred. Police say the Booze somehow became entangled and was pulled into the machine. He was pronounced dead at the scene by rescue personnel. Guilderland police are investigating and the Occupational Safety and Health Administration has been notified of the incident. It was Booze’s first day on the job.

UPDATE 11/14/16 : Countryside Tree Service has been fined $141,811 for four serious and one willful violation. The violations stated that the employer did not train the employees appropriately which resulted in untrained employees using unsafe practices to feed the wood chipper. The company was also cited for;

  • Exposing employees to laceration and amputation hazards while operating chain saws during tree removal at three separate locations. Employees did not wear leg protection while trimming branches.
  • Failing to train each employee to use personal protective equipment.
  • Exposing employees to eye hazards during tree removal including wood dust, flying wood pieces, and being struck by branches during tree trimming and feeding wood into a chipper.
  • Failing to ensure employees wear a protective helmet when working in areas where the potential exists for head injuries from falling objects.

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