Tree contractor injured after touching a branch on the wires

ON, Canada – An unidentified tree worker was injured after touching a branch that was on the high voltage wires.

Reports say that a private tree company was trimming a tree when in a branch came into contact with high voltage wires. Emergency personnel received a call around 11:30 AM of a report of possible electrocution. The first arriving crew was told a branch being trimmed by a contractor came into contract with the hydro line. The worker then touched the branch and was shocked.

A spokesperson for the fire department said the worker was found hanging from their safety harness, unconscious in the tree. Power had to be disconnected before firefighters could get the worker out of the tree and into a waiting ambulance. The victim was then transported to the hospital.

The Ministry of Labour told CBC News the contractor, Arbor Tech Expert Tree Care has been ordered to stop work at the site, and the homeowner has been ordered to not do any further work to the tree.

The Ministry said its investigation is ongoing. The victim’s condition is unknown.

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