Tree climber rescued after suffering seizure

Jacksonville, FL – A tree climber, said to be in his late 50s, suffered a medical emergency and needed to be rescued by the Jacksonville Fire and Rescue Department.

Reports say that the man was about 40 – 50 feet up a tree when he just passed out and flipped upside down in his harness.

The owner of Budget Tree Service Andrew Bednarik stated the worker had mentioned he wasn’t feeling well at the beginning of their tree-trimming job. 

“So we stopped and had something to eat. Then, about 45 minutes (later), he went back up the tree and then it was about 10 minutes and he just passed out on us,” Bednarik said. 

Kimo Bracht, a co-worker of the tree trimmer, told News4Jax that he tried to help before firefighters arrived. 

“I kept screaming his name, telling him to ride himself, ‘Just pull up, pull up.’ I kept throwing the rope on his hand so he could pull himself up, but he didn’t have the strength to pull up,” Bracht said. “(He was saying) just, ‘I’m OK. Just please get me out of the tree.’ I just kept telling him that they’re on the way, they’re on the way and just tried to keep him calm.”

The man was safetly brought down from the tree and transported to a nearby hospital.

According to co-workers, the man was released from the hospital. They hope he will be back to work soon.

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