Tree climber rescued after being pinned in the tree by a broken limb and a rope

Jonesboro, GA – An unidentified tree climber was rescued after he became trapped in a tree.

According to reports, Clayton County Police responded to a scene to the report of a man trapped in a tree. Upon arrival police were directed to the back yard of the home where two men were hired to trim branches. One of the men was suspended in the tree with his body, from ankle to torso, pinned by a rope which was being held taut by a large tree limb. The limb was broken, but still attached to the tree.

Officers ran to a nearby house and acquired two ladders, one to access the tree climber and the other to cut the steel rope with bolt cutters.

Clayton County EMTs arrived at the scene and were able to bring the injured man down after the rope was cut. Authorities learned he had been stuck in the tree for about 30 minutes before 911 was called.

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