Tree climber in serious condition after falling nearly 50 feet

Jacksonville, FL – An unidentified tree climber was rushed to the hospital with serious injuries after falling from a pine tree.

Homeowner Duncan Jackson told News4Jax that the man was in “pretty bad condition” after falling an estimated 50 feet.

“Everything was going well, but the workers couldn’t finish the job Wednesday because of the weather”. He said they were only back working for about 30 minutes Thursday when the man fell.

“It came forward and it seemed like a piece of the tree went backward and slapped him right off the tree and he came flying down,” Jackson said.

The injured tree climber was taken to a hospital by Jacksonville Fire and Rescue Department personnel just after 9:30 AM.

The tree service was hired by the city to cut down the tree as the city prepares to cut a new ditch along the property line. A city spokeswoman said the company contracted for the ditch work, Callaway Contracting, hired Shaw’s Tree Service to remove the trees.

The featured picture was taken by neighbor Duncan Jackson moments before the accident.

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