Tree climber falls from tree while trimming trees at golf club

Stockport, UK – 36 year old Paul Daniels died after he fell from a 75 foot tree. Daniels and his business partner Jessica Chandley from Sabre Tree Surgery were hired to trim 76 trees at the Hazel Grove golf club in Stockport.

His ground man Oliver Bancroft stated, “He climbed to the highest part of the tree, attached the pull line to the top of the tree and threw it out so that I could catch it. He climbed back into the conifer and I couldn’t see him at all because there was so much foliage.”

Oliver continued, “I pulled the rope to make sure that it was attached properly and I heard him shout “No Ollie, wait, don’t pull” – and that’s when the tree started to fall and the rope became slack. He came out of the tree and the tree fell too, he fell to the bottom and the tree landed on top of him. He had been using a chainsaw at the time. I tried to move the tree off him but it was still attached to him. I had to unravel the rope from the tree in order to get him out.”

Reports also made note that the four day job was bid for £2,500. Daniels told the mother of his two children, Louise Owen, that he was concerned about the bid. He felt they were being underpaid for the amount of work they had to do.

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