Three road workers save mans life after chainsaw injury

Melrose, OR – Bud Holmes owes his life to three road workers after he suffered a serious chainsaw injury. Holmes was standing in the bucket of his tractor and cutting a limb with a chainsaw. The limb came off and knocked him out of the bucket. When Holmes fell, the running chainsaw he was holding cut through his boot and deep into his leg. Just before he hit the ground he threw the saw. When he got up after the fall he noticed his foot felt funny. Homes shut off his tractor and walked up the hill to get help as he was loosing blood rapidly. His family got him into a car and started long trip to the hospital. On the way to the hospital Holmes’ wife noticed that he had become unresponsive and pulled over near three men working on a water line installation. She flagged the men over who knew just what to do. One man pulled his belt off to apply a tourniquet as another called 911 for help. First responders from the Melrose station of Douglas County Fire District No. 2 arrived on scene just a couple of minutes later.

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