The state of Wisconsin placed under an EAB quarantine

The Wisconsin Department of Agriculture, Trade, and Consumer Protection has placed the entire state under a quarantine for Emerald Ash Borer effective March 30th. EAB is in 48 of the state’s 72 counties making officials decide that a statewide quarantine is warranted. Spokesperson Donna Gilson stated that firewood can now move freely from county to county statewide. “The legal restrictions are largely removed, seems kind of paradoxical but that’s what it means.”

Gilson continued by stating that moving the wood out of state will still need to check with the USDA before moving their goods out of state to see if any regulations are still in place on their end.

DATCP is also encouraging property owners to be proactive against the bug:

  • Signs of an infestation include: Thinning in the canopy, D-shaped holes in the bark, new branches sprouting low on the trunk, cracked bark, and woodpeckers pulling at the bark to get to insect larvae beneath it.
  • If your property is within 15 miles of a known infestation, consider preventive treatments. Whether to treat depends on several factors: the age of the trees, the size of the trees, and the number of trees. Treatment costs vary depending on the size of the tree and whether you do the treatments yourself or hire a professional.
    Consider planting species of trees that are not susceptible to EAB.
  • Contact a professional arborist for expert advice, and visit for detailed information.