The longest tree canopy walk in the US opens at Michigan’s Dow Gardens

Dow Gardens located in Midland, Michigan is now home to the longest tree canopy walk in the United States. The project, which opened in October 2018, comprises a network of bridges, paths, and tree canopy walkways. It was designed by Metcalfe, a Philadelphia-based multi-disciplinary practice.

The botanical garden and arboretum were established in 1899 by Herbert H. Dow. The 54-acre pine forest lets visitors wander and explore a playground, apple orchard, bridges, amphitheater, visitor center, café, and forest classroom.

The centerpiece of the park is the 1,400-foot-long (427m) tree canopy walkway. It offers guests a view from 40 feet (12m) above the ground. Large cargo nets stretched between trees create places for visitors to walk, jump and sprawl safely while suspended 25 feet (7.6m) over the forest floor. elsewhere, walk-in slatted-wood pavilions in abstracted forms of nests and pods offer shelter and act as settings for reflection, discussion, and observation.