School Superintendent killed in tree trimming accident

Three Rivers, MI – 55 year old Roger Rathburn died while trimming trees at the Sauganash Golf Course. According to reports, Rathburn was up on a metal extension ladder using a chainsaw to remove a limb. He was above the limb that he was cutting. At some point while Rathburn was removing the limb, it fell and struck the ladder he was standing on. He fell right onto the golf cart path.

Rathburn was alone at the time of the incident. He was found by a family member, who went to check on him after he failed to return text messages and phone calls. Rathburn used his personal SUV to access part of the golf course that was well removed from where passerby would see him.

It is unknown why he was trimming trees at the golf course, but one report stated that he may have been one of many owners. Twenty area business people bought stakes in the Sauganash Country Club in 2016 in order to keep local control of it.

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