Schenectady man requires rescue after being pinned by fallen tree

Schenectady, NY – An unidentified 45-year-old man was rescued after he was pinned by a fallen tree. The man, who was said to be the homeowner of the property, was working around his yard clearing trees and branches. While he was working to remove a tree, it fell and pinned his leg.

Assistant Fire Chief Don Mareno stated, the tree toppled but got hung up in nearby branches and did not fall all the way to the ground. Nonetheless, he said, the base of the tree trapped the man’s leg, leaving him in need of rescue and medical care.

Two doctors from Albany Medical Center Hospital were called to the scene to help the man while firefighters searched for a way to get the tree off of him.

Mareno said a company from Altamont brought a crane to the yard. Once it was in place, straps were attached to the span so that it could be gently lifted off of the 45-year-old man’s leg.

He remained conscious and alert throughout the ordeal and was eventually freed from the tree. He was taken to Albany Med to be treated for injuries that are not life-threatening.

In addition to firefighters, police, the doctors and the heavy equipment operators, a tree expert and paramedics from Mohawk Ambulance played a role in saving the man, Mareno said.

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