Product Recall: CMI RP162 mini block

Message from CMI’s Facebook Page:

For immediate release…… The RP162 mini blocks are being recalled. We are doing it for two reasons. The first is that the upper sheave was made with a lighter grade aluminum. Because of the size of the upper sheave we have seen one or two instances where, under a load the upper sheave would become oval shaped, which would not allow the upper axle to open up. So we have decided to scrap all that inventory and upgrade the material to something that is much stronger and should alleviate that potential problem. Unfortunately this is one of those unforeseen circumstances that we simply could not predict upon designing the product, but we are taking the necessary steps to rectify the problem immediately. The second issue that we have just found is that there could have been a potential small batch of axles that were not cleaned properly and may have had a small amount of cutting fluid in them which in turn would not allow proper adhesion of the locking agent that we use to bond the lower axle and bolt together. The locking agent we use should lock the axles together regardless of any leftover residue but we do not want to risk taking the chance of one of the blocks coming apart. So we are recalling the blocks. They are being shipped back on our dime, we are fully breaking down each block, inspecting, installing a stronger upper sheave and putting it all back together and getting them back out the door. It is worth noting that this has all happened rather quickly so we do not have the new upper sheaves available right now but we do have material on order and it is in transit to us. As soon as it arrives, it is set as a priority one job and will go into the cutting process immediately so we can expedite this process as quickly as possible for everyone. We sincerely apologize for any inconvenience this may cause you but we are very serious about our products and we are taking immediate and corrective action to ensure that CMI products are safe and reliable for everyone. If you have any questions, please email me direct at or give me a shout at 800-247-5901.