One worker dead, one injured, after touching live wire in Akron, OH

Akron, OH – 38 year old George F. Csikos died after he touched a live power wire while working in a tree according to the Akron Fire Department. The accident happened around 1 PM Tuesday afternoon. Two workers were up in the lift of an uninsulated boom when Csikos came into contact with the wire. Another worker, 46 year old Jessica Richmond, was ejected from the bucket lift after the power surged. She was found on the ground and was transported to Akron City Hospital. Police stated Richmond remains in serious condition according to a report release on Wednesday.

Csikos was found in the platform of the lift and was pronounced dead on the scene. A spokesman for FirstEnergy confirmed that they were asked to cut power to the 23 kilo-volt line that feeds up to 500 nearby homes so that first responders could bring down his body.

Police say the pair were hired by the homeowner to trim trees. It is unclear what company they worked for. Reports also indicated that the lift was rented.

UPDATE 11/19/17: Jessica Richmond has died from her injuries.

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