One man electrocuted and another shocked while trimming trees

Hillsboro, TX – 34 year old Jonathon Ness was electrocuted and 35 year old Thomas “TJ” Fabby was shocked trying to rescue Ness. According to the preliminary investigation, Ness and Fabby were part of a crew trimming trees at a private residence. Co-workers stated that Ness was trying to remove a previously cut limb from a power line with an aluminum pole saw. Ness was electrocuted when the pole saw made contact with the wire. Fabby immediately ran to Ness’ aid but was shocked attempting to save him.

When authorities arrived they found Fabby on the ground near the tree suffering from apparent burns and electrcal shock. Ness was found unresponsive attached to a tree and a charged power line feeding a transformer to the residences. Fabby was transported to Hill Regional Hospital and later flown to Parkland Burn Unit in Dallas. Ness was recovered from the tree and pronounced dead at the scene.

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