Ocala-area man dies after palm tree falls on him

Anthony, FL – 56-year-old Larry Specht was badly injured Monday when a palm tree fell on him while he was trying to uproot it at a neighbor’s residence.

Specht’s wife told a deputy they were at a neighbor’s home to take out a large palm tree. She said she was in her truck, which had a rope attached to it, and her husband was on a tractor, trying to use the bucket to dig up the tree.

She looked in the rearview mirror and saw the tree fall on the tractor, pinning her husband. Officials with Marion County Fire Rescue arrived and were able to free him from the tractor and tree.

Larry Specht was taken to Ocala Regional Medical Center in critical condition. Unfortunately he died of his injuries the next day.

For more information; https://www.ocala.com/news/20190118/ocala-area-man-dies-after-palm-tree-falls-on-him


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