New Petzl ZigZag with SRT option?

The 2018 TCI Expo has been the place to be to see new climbing tech. Petzl was there to show off the new and improved ZIGZAG.

The Petzl ZIGZAG has been a popular mechanical climbing device for years now, but there’s always room for improvement according to Petzl.

Here are some new features on the new ZIGZAG and ZIGZAG Plus;

  • The ZIGZAG Plus attachment point swivel is now a ball bearing, not a bushing like previous models.
  • There is an additional hole for more attachment options.
  • The pulley on the device is about 30% bigger.
  • The side plates on the bottom of the device are now curved.


If you want to climb SRT with the new ZIGZAG, ZIGZAG Plus or current 2018 ZIGZAG, Petzl created the CHICANE. The addition of the CHICANE makes your ZIGZAG work on a single rope climbing system. The CHICANE is only to be used with the Petzl ZIGZAG, ZIGZAG Plus, or current 2018 ZIGZAG.

You can purchase these products below; 

PETZL Zigzag
PETZL Chicane