Michigan tree company being accused of doing non-essential work

Traverse City, MI – A tree service in Grand Traverse County is facing a fine if found guilty after being accused of doing non-essential work.

According to an upnorthlive.com article, Parshall Tree Care Experts were cutting down dead trees at a home in Traverse City when they said a sheriff’s deputy arrived after receiving a complaint.

The workers showed the deputy proof they were doing essential work but were told the prosecutor would still have to review the complaint.

”The tree industry in Michigan really is in a position of needing more clarity,” said Corey Parshall, the co-founder of Parshall Tree Care Experts. “It’s been communicated that tree care services are either 100 percent or zero and there really is a middle ground that needs to be taken and provided more clarity for our industry.”

The company could be fined $750 if their work is considered non-essential.

They will continue to do work while the prosecutor reviews the complaint.