Manchester NH city arborist hospitalized after being stung by hundreds of bees

Manchester, NH – A Manchester, New Hampshire city worker was stung by hundreds of bees after disturbing a large honeybee nest. The victim, who was only identified as a man in his 40s, was cutting down a tree that had been damaged by a recent storm. He was harnessed into the bucket truck several feet off the ground when he hit the hive. Bees swarmed the man and reports say he was stung over 200 times.

A co-worker on the ground heard the man’s screams and lowered the bucket but his colleague fell out and upside down, still held by the harness, in his attempt to escape. Several neighbors also rushed to the man’s aid. In total, six people were stung hundreds of times.

One neighbor, Randy Graham, was stung over 30 times but was able to unhook the man from the platform of the bucket truck. Graham brought him to a nearby property and hosed the victim down. The city worker was taken to the hospital in stable condition.

Don Pinard, the Director of the Parks and Rec Department, says his employee was stung in the head chest and arms and was very swollen when he visited him at the hospital.

“The nurse in the emergency room told me he was very, very, lucky,” Pinard said. “When I was in the room with him there were three people working on him that were actually with tweezers pulling the stingers out of him. They said they lost count after a hundred something.”

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