Man trimming trees rescued after getting shocked by electrical wires

An unidentified man was rescued Saturday morning after he was shocked by a 12,000-volt powerline.

Reports say that the man was up in a “scissor lift” trimming trees when his equipment accidentally touched a live powerline. Witnesses stated they heard a loud explosion and the power went out.

Emergency personnel arrived at the scene around 9:17 AM to find a male patient approximately 45 feet in the air trapped on a scissor lift bucket.

Fire crews were able to manually lower the scissor lift from the ground enough to clear the electrical power line so the injured man could be safely transferred into the fire department ladder truck platform. Fire crews had to work adjacent to high voltage power lines until PG&E could shut down the power.

The victim was found to have multiple severe burns but was conscious and able to follow commands. The man was transported to Sierra Vista Hospital’s Trauma Center.

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