Man trimming trees dies after he contacts high voltage power line

Cocoa, FL – An unidentified man died while trimming trees in a mobile home park Friday morning. According to authorities, the man was in a lift trying to cut a branch when he came into contact with an electrical line. The branch he was cutting fell onto the high voltage wires.

The man collapsed in the bucket of the lift and onlookers stated that he was convulsing. His co-worker started screaming for help. At first, it was unclear if the man or the boom was still in contact with the electrical wires. Also, his co-worker did not know how to operate the lift in order to lower the boom.

Fire Chief Mark Schollmeyer stated, “the only person who knew how to operate the lift was the man up in the lift at the time”. He continued, “it appears that it was a rental company that they rented it from”.

Florida power and light arrived at the scene to turn off the power and retrieve the man’s body. Once the boom was lowered, the man was pronounced dead at the scene.

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