Man survives after being pinned under a tree for 4 days

Redwood County, MN – 59-year-old Jonathan Ceplecha is recoving at the hospital after being trapped under a tree for 4 days.

According to reports, Ceplecha was cutting down oak trees on his property with a chainsaw on August 27th. One of the trees fell on him trapping and breaking both of his legs and causing his torso to be “semi-twisted as he sat upright on the ground”.

Ceplecha, who lives alone, was cutting down trees on a hill in the woods behind his house, so he was out of sight and sound from anyone. He also didn’t have a phone on him. 

He survived by eating plants and insects that were within arm’s reach and drinking sweat and rainwater that he collected in his clothes.

After more than 100 hours, on Aug. 31, his ex-wife went to check on him because his family had gotten concerned that he wasn’t answering their calls. The Redwood County Sheriff’s Office also sent a deputy to his house for a welfare check after he missed the first day of classes at Marshall Area Technical & Educational Center, where he works as an English teacher. 

When rescue workers arrived, it took them 2 hours to remove the log from on top of his legs. He was then transported to Hennepin County Medical Center and is expected to make a full recovery.

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