Man shocked after a tree he was removing made contact with a primary wire

Fond du Lac, WI – An unidentified 39-year-old man who was reported to work for a private tree company was nearly electrocuted while removing a tree.

Reports say that the man was removing the tree just before 6 PM when the top of the tree came down on the primary power wire. The man then grabbed the branch not knowing that it was energized.

Fond du Lac Fire Department Assistant Chief Todd Janquart stated, “He apparently grabbed the branch without thinking and was connected to electricity for about 30 seconds.” Fortunately, the man was able to break the connection, or the results could have been fatal.

The worker was checked by paramedics before being transported to St. Agnes Hospital in stable condition.

Alliant Energy was called to scene and power was cut for a two block radius while the lines were inspected.

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