Man rescued from a tree after suffering heat exhaustion

Aberdeen, NC – A man required rescue after he became stuck 60 feet up a tree he was cutting down.

Reports say that the man was the homeowner and attempting to cut down a tree in the Sherwood Park subdivision.

“The man was cutting trees when he became overheated and began to experience heat cramps causing his hands to lock up,” said Joe Mancos, an expert in the field of high angle rescues.

Mancos said, “Before I arrived on the scene, they were going to bring in a ladder or tower truck from Southern Pines or Aberdeen, but it was too tight. They didn’t believe they would have enough room between fences to get the outriggers out and level. I told them I would just climb it.”

After getting about three-quarters of the way up, Mancos was able to communicate with the man.

“I was going to use a pulley system, and the guys on the ground were going to lower him,” said Mancos. “My job was to attach the system and get out the way. Firefighters were using ropes to give him Pedialyte the entire time. Once I was able to communicate with him, and we could only hear each other, he told me the cramps were feeling better, and he felt safer climbing down.”

The rescue took about an hour and a half. The victim was checked by paramedics on scene and released.

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