Man electrocuted while trimming a tree in Port Charlotte

Port Charlotte, FL – An unidentified 60-year-old man has died while trimming a tree in a Port Charlotte backyard.

According to Charlotte County Fire & EMS Spokesperson Todd Dunn the man worked for a tree and landscaping company and was on a lift trimming a tree in the backyard of a residence just before 3 PM.

“We don’t know for sure if the branch he cut contacted the line or if it was his saw that came in contact with the line,” Dunn said. “Somehow while trimming trees next to the power line he came into contact with it and that’s why he was electrocuted.”

Crews called Florida Power & Light on the way to the scene to have the company cut power to the grid. They used a “hot stick” to determine if the line was energized, and placed a ladder up against the lift to do a rescue.

When they got up to the man, he had no pulse and it switched to a recovery effort.

“The owner of the company showed up and was able to lower the lift, and we were able to recover the body that way,” he said.

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