Man dies after falling into woodchipper

UPDATE 2/10/2018 – Inspector Gary Pettiford stated in a news conference, “Information we received during the course of our coronial investigations has led us to believe that the death is suspicious and we have a number of detectives and police experts investigating this incident.”

Pettiford continued by saying suspicions were raised when the two friends at the scene that day both admitted that they did not see Saunders fall into the woodchipper. The New Zealand Herald reported that multiple people told interviewing detectives that Saunders’ death was no accident. Also, police thought it was odd when all three men continued to use the woodchipper after dark. They believe that the incident took place at 7:40 PM just as the sun set.

The accident is now being treated as a possible homicide. An expert found no faults with the woodchipper.

Goomboorian, AU – 54 year old Bruce Saunders died after falling into a wood chipper on a rural property north of Brisbane. Reports say Saunders was chipping brush with two other friends. The men had spent the last three weekends “doing a favor” for the lady who owns the property. The two friends were up the driveway when Saunders, who was chipping brush, became entangled in the machine. No one witnessed the accident but Police stated he died within a few seconds. Police are investigating the death as an accident and would not say whether Saunders was using the wood chipper properly. None of the men were contractors and they were using a rented machine.

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