Man dies after climbing line comes into contact with high voltage wire

39 year old Oscar Diaz was electrocuted Sunday morning while trimming a tree. Diaz was harnessed into a tree when his climbing line came into contact with uninsulated high-voltage line. He was pronounced dead at the scene.

Diaz was hired by G.A. Island Landscaping to trim trees in the front of the house. He was described as an experienced climber who worked 7 days a week to support his family. Five days a week, Díaz worked for Santos Hernandez, owner of Hernandez Tree Trimming. Hernandez said that he was very angry at the landscaping company. “I would have never sent him up there without a bucket truck,” Hernandez said at the scene. “Now I have to tell his wife.” The owner of G.A. Island Landscaping would not comment at the scene.


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