Man dies while clearing logs from the berm of PA-187

Towanda, PA – 72 year old John Maxwell, Jr. died while clearing logs in Bradford County. According to reports, a group of men were working to clear logs from the western berm of PA-187. While they were working logs entered the south bound lane and partially blocked the northbound lane. Maxwell began directing traffic while his co-workers went to remove the logs with a tractor. Police stated that Maxwell became distracted by a commercial vehicle that had stopped in the northbound lane. While he was distracted his co-workers began moving the pile and the logs shifted. Some of the logs at the bottom of the pile swung out and swept Maxwell off his feet and into the air. Police stated that Maxwell consequently fell back to the ground, headfirst, and struck his head on the north bound paved travel line.

Maxwell was airlifted to Robert Packer Hospital where he succumbed to his injuries. Police say the death has been ruled accidental and no criminal charges have been filed, nor are any anticipated to be filed.

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