Logger pinned by falling tree at Mercer County mine site

A logger was injured when a tree fell and pinned him at a mine site near near Clark’s Gap and Peter’s Gap. The man was on a steep slope and co-workers assisted the man until help arrived. By the time first responders reached the man he was already freed from the fallen tree. A helicopter ambulance landed at the mountain location and flew the man to Charleston Area Medical Center.

A first responder was also injured during the rescue. The rescuer fell 50 feet down an embankment. He was taken to Princeton Community Hospital where he was treated and later released.

For more information; http://www.bdtonline.com/news/worker-first-responder-injured-in-logging-accident/article_2d1180a8-e5a8-11e5-a749-c7a80ce9035f.html

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