Log splitting accident ends in amputation

Madawaska, ME – Don Deschaine was injured in a logging accident that resulted in an amputation.

According to a report, emergency personnel responded to a logging plant in St. David to an accident involving a wood splitter that resulted in a hand amputation. Madawaska Ambulance personnel rushed Deschaine to Northern Maine Medical Center. 

Around 11:40 AM, a second ambulance and fire emergency response were called to the scene to retrieve the severed hand.

Deschaine’s mother, Linda, reported on July 3 that the surgery was a success and the doctors were able to reattach the hand despite an additional surgery to restore circulation to one of the digits. 

For more information; https://fiddleheadfocus.com/2020/07/06/news/surgeons-reattach-madawaska-mans-hand-after-logging-accident/

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