Lincoln police help chain saw accident victim get to hospital safely

Lincoln, ME – 68 year old Dwight Osgood is recovering at the hospital after he suffered a injury from a chainsaw. Osgood was cutting firewood in the back of his pickup truck when the saw kicked back at him and cut him from his jawbone down to the middle of his chest. He staggered into the kitchen of his house and stuffed a rag into the softball sized hole in his chest. He used both the rag and his hands to slow the bleeding. Dwight was rushed 40 miles to Penobscot Valley Hospital by his son and wife.

Alerted by a 911 call from Dwight Osgood’s wife, Pamela Osgood, police officers spotted their SUV on Route 2 and gave them a full police escort. Although police did give the Osgood family an escort, the son Justin Osgood was charged with “driving to endanger”. Police stated that driving 100 mph through a school zone was unreasonable.

Dwight Osgood was treated at the hospital and is expected to make a full recovery. Doctors told him that had the chain saw sliced into him a millimeter left or right it would have cut his windpipe or severed an artery, likely killing him.

UPDATE 2/14/17: Justin Osgood, the son who was driving, agreed to pay a $350 fine and plead guilty to criminal speeding as part of a plea bargain. “The plea deal reflects the fact that the defendant was faced with a difficult decision that day, and chose to drive at speeds over 100 mph through school zones and downtown areas,” Assistant District Attorney Devon DeMarco said in a statement released Tuesday. “It also reflects the fact that had this case gone to trial, the state would put forth evidence, namely the tape of a 911 call made from the car, that shows Mr. Osgood did not stop for an ambulance that was staged on his route because his father did not want to pay for its service.

Dwight Osgood Sr., was discharged from Eastern Maine Medical Center of Bangor two days after the accident after having three layers of substantially more than 100 stitches sewn into his neck and the top of his chest. At the time, he said he was expected to make a full recovery.

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