Lifelong logger injured after being pinned under a tree

61 year old Danny Kuny, a lifelong logger, was injured after he was pinned under a tree. Kuny was felling trees as an independent contractor in Calaveras County. He cut a sugar pine tree and it got caught in the crown of a large oak tree. As he walked uphill past the oak tree, the pine collapsed and a limb off the oak tree came crashing down on him. Kuny was pinned under the pine tree and the oak limb for 45 minutes before his logging partner heard muted blasts from his whistle. He was transported to Doctors Medical Center of Modesto where Kuny had sustained five broken ribs, fractured the tips of vertebrae T1 – T8, shattered his ankle, and had severe bruising. Fortunately, he had no head injuries and no significant damage to his spine or internal organs.

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