Injured Tree Surgeon Rescued by the Future King of England

37 year old Jim Schembri injured his shoulder and hip after being hit by a large tree branch. Schembri just made a cut and was repositioning himself when the top of the tree ‘exploded’. A branch measuring about a foot in diameter crashed into his back and shoulder knocking him into the tree. Schembri was knocked unconscious but eventually came to and was able to lower himself out of the tree. Schembri was in agony complaining of pain in his hip. A co worker called for an ambulance and thought there may be damage to his pelvis so the East Anglian Air Ambulance was called.

As Schembri was loaded up into the Air Ambulance he joked and said, “William had better not be flying this” only for the tall, blonde pilot to reply: “I’ve been holding your head for the last half an hour.” Schembri was dazed and did not know that the Duke of Wellington had been tending to his injuries the whole time.

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